Social Capital

CSCL Photo Contest Winner 2017

DSLR Selfie

Congratulations to Adrian Collins for winning the year’s Photo Contest – “What Does Social Capital Look Like To You?” Adrian submitted a photo with support from his Vocational Counselor at CSCL’s Supported Employment Services titled “DSLR Sefie”. Adrian is a freelance photographer (his business is called Adrian

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Jonathon’s Social Capital Story


Jonathon loves games.  CSCL staff found a group that has meets for the common purpose of playing games, close to Jonathon’s home.  The group, called the Youth Games Guild is a weekly Community Drop-In for Youth. Quickly, it became apparent to staff that Jonathon loved attending this

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Paul’s Social Capital Story

Paul 2

Paul has started jamming with one of the musicians at Triple Play Pub. A CSCL employee, who had previously worked with Paul, called to let him know that her friend hosts a jam session and invited Paul to it. Paul is using his IPad that has songs

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Susan’s Social Capital Story

Susan and her yoga instructor

Susan started going to Chair Yoga at the Senior Resource Center a year ago. When she first started going she didn’t know anyone there except for one lady who used to work for CSCL. As Susan continued going, the instructor and the ladies became more friendly with

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Anjili’s Social Capital Story


Anjili was very excited when CSCL helped provide the opportunity for her to join “Stampin’ Up” – a Card Making group. She also attended a Community Art project called “Expresso Yourself” and met some wonderful people. Anjili now maintains contact with some of these new friends outside

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Corey’s Social Capital Story


Corey wondered if he could spend some more time with an old colleague he knew from work. With the help of CSCL, Corey connected with his former Assistant Manager and caught a movie together. Since then, the two friends have attended an “All Star Wrestling” event in

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Vedder’s Social Capital Story

Xmas Play

Several individuals who attend Vedder services participate in the “Sit and Be Fit” class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Cheam Leisure Centre. Some great relationships have been made especially with the instructor, Debbie, as well as with some other community members who attend. As a result,

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David’s Social Capital Story


David shared his story of how he made new friendships through cultural connection and a shared love of art.

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Justin’s Social Capital Story


Justin didn’t lose any time waiting for staff to make a call; he went to the school where his friend was attending and signed up to be a volunteer.

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Paul’s Social Capital Story


Paul had a “need for speed” which connected him to a running club that he runs with regularly. The running club members ended up supporting Paul in his fundraiser for Movember.

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