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Child & Youth Services provides a wide variety of services to children and youth with special needs.  To access any of these services, you will need to  request a referral from a Social Worker from the Ministry of Children & Family Development – Child & Youth with Special Needs Division (MCFD-CYSN).  Child & Youth Services provides services after school hours and on Weekends (September – June) and daytime hours, Monday – Friday during the summer months (July & August). See below for a list of the various services that are offered.

The Children’s Community Respite Program provides parents and primary caregivers with a needed break from the responsibilities of full-time care-giving.  Respite provides family with time to focus on building relationships with other family members and friends, or simply having some time for themselves.

Respite Care gives children with special needs an opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences that promote growth and development. Relationship building outside of the family unit and the opportunity to experience new activities and environments are conducive to building self-confidence and a sense of belonging in the larger community.

Carefully screened respite caregivers provide support either in home or community.

For more information about Community Respite for Children contact Karen Pedersen (Community Respite Manager) by email: or by telephone:  604-846-2017.


This is an after school program for children with special needs.  The program is offered between September – June, Tuesdays through Fridays.

Kidz Club focuses on spending time with peers in a social environment, appropriate relationship building, friendships, and community access.  Children usually attend one day per week.

For information about Kidz Club, contact Aileen Atkins (Manager – Children’s Services) at or 604-846-2016.

This is a fully integrated summer day camp program for children 6 to 12 years of age.  The focus of this program is to provide an energetic and fun theme-based day camp experience during the months of July and August.

All children are welcome to attend (regardless of abilities).  Children can register for a few days each week, or for a few full weeks.  Spaces fill up quickly – so register early!

For more information about Summer ‘Scapes Day Camp, contact Aileen Atkins (Manager – Children’s Services) at or 604-846-2016.


Teen Clubs are offered year round to youth between the ages of 13-18 years of age in the Chilliwack Community and the Hope Community. Between September – June, teen clubs are offered after school hours (between 3:00pm – 9:00pm), Tuesdays – Saturdays.  During the summer months (July and August), teen clubs are offered during daytime hours from Monday – Friday.

There are a variety of clubs offered based on the interest of the teens.  Some of the various programs that are offered are:

  • Singing Program
  • Drama Program
  • Cooking Programs
  • Dance Programs
  • Eco-Warriors Program
  • Girls ONLY Program
  • Craft Program
  • Recreation Programs

For more information about Teen Clubs, contact Natalie Karam (Manager – Youth & Transition Services) at or 604-846-2015.



Individualized Services is offered through a small group format, as well as limited 1:1 Support Contracts.

  • Small Groups typically focus on life skills training and development of community and work readiness skills. This is a first step for youth who are starting to think about what they will do when they are finished high school.
  • 1:1 Youth Support occurs by individual, time-limited contracts that guide our supports to achieve specific goals as identified by the youth and their family.  Support is typically available for four (4) hours per week  for a minimum of six months to a maximum of two years.

For more information about Individualized Services contact Natalie Karam (Manager – Youth & Transition Services) at or 604-846-2015.


CSCL’s BRIDGE program supports 18 to 24 year olds to work towards obtaining paid employment.

Youth are passionate, vital, and eager to make a difference and be part of their communities. Young people bring many benefits to the workplace, including energy, adaptability, technological skill, and new perspectives. By supporting Youth with diversabilities in gaining employment, our aim is to help develop businesses in our community to truly reflect their customers. Well rounded staffing teams, including employees with developmental disabilities, reflect the values and ideals of the Chilliwack community, while helping to improve business culture and benefiting the bottom line of local employers.

For more information about Bridge contact Natalie Karam (Associate Director – Youth & Transition Services) at or 604-846-2015.

CSCL’s Respitality Program provides parents of a child with a disability a chance for rest and rejuvenation in a welcoming and comfortable environment while their child receives respite care. Participating parents in this program receive a complimentary overnight stay for two in a hotel, bed-and-breakfast or resort, which may include meals.

CSCL’s Respitality Program would not be available without the support of the following community partners:

For information about these services, please call CSCL’s Home Office at 604-792-7726


CSCL Child & Youth Services Handbook

For more detailed information about CSCL Child & Youth Services please see the CSCL Child & Youth Services Handbook, or feel free to contact us.

CSCL Child & Youth Services Handbook

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