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Chilliwack Child & Youth Committee

CSCL is a proud member of the Chilliwack Child & Youth Committee (Chilliwack CYC).  The Chilliwack CYC represents a variety of community groups that provides leadership and advocacy in the delivery of human/social services to children/youth and their families.  The CYC’s mission is to work collaboratively, in liaison with clients/consumers, in the design, implementation and evaluation of the continuum of services which enhance the well-being of children/youth and their families.

CSCL’s Involvement:

The CYC Committee holds an annual conference in Chilliwack each year (since 1991 and focuses on various topics).  CSCL has been an active participant since the very beginning and continues to be a sponsoring agency each year for the conference.  CSCL’s Child & Youth Services employees attend the conference each year.

Damian BCCSS Award

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