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Our Board

The current CSCL Board of Directors comprises of:

CSCL Board - Mike RobinsonMike Robinson
Board President

Bill Turnbull
2nd Vice President

CSCL Board - Al NiemannAl Niemann
1st Vice President

CSCL Board - Jeremy JohnsonJeremy Johnson

CSCL Board - Sarah BriedSarah Bried

Aaron Hale

CSCL Board - Josh HallJosh Hall

CSCL Board - Ben HoneymanBen Honeyman

CSCL Board - Jacqueline McGregorJacqueline MacGregor

CSCL Board - Tori LongTori Smith

Karen Steegstra

CSCL Board - Samantha TolmieSamantha Tolmie

The Board of Directors is elected by the general membership at the annual meeting and the Board is responsible for electing its own executive.

The role of the Board of Directors is to establish and govern policies that provide direction to the Executive Director of the Society, who is then responsible for implementation. In most cases, the Board of Directors makes decisions as a whole. In some instances, a few Directors will form a committee to perform a specific function or address a specific issue and make recommendations to the full Board. The Board’s role and function is defined by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society which are approved by the general membership of the Society.

  • To establish and maintain the legal and corporate existence of the Society.
  • To be accountable for the assets of the Society and for the actions undertaken by it.
  • To take responsibility for formulating goals, objectives, policies and guidelines for programs both in the long and short-terms and to establish priorities.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken and the appropriateness of the planning process as they relate to the needs of the individuals being served.
  • To provide continuity of experienced leadership so that major staff changes will not weaken the Society and to employ the Executive Director with whom the Board shares leadership.
  • To set policies for the executive Director to implement and achieve and to allow the Executive Director to make day-to-day decisions without interference.
  • To specify what input it needs from the Executive Director in order to make prudent policy decisions.
  • To work as a team with the Executive Director to accomplish the Society’s objectives.

Our Leadership Team

The current CSCL Leadership Team comprises of:

CSCL Leadership - Julie UngerJulie Unger


CSCL Leadership - Brenda AlexanderBrenda Alexander
Director of


CSCL Leadership - Meeghen EatonMeeghen Eaton
Director of Finance
& Administration


CSCL Leadership - Jeff GilbankJeff Gilbank
Director of Continuous
Quality Improvement


CSCL Leadership - Natalie KaramNatalie Karam
Director of
Human Resources


CSCL Leadership - Dan BibbyDan Bibby
Associate Director of
Child & Youth Services

CSCL - Staff Email - Dan Bibby

CSCL Leadership - Nancy GauvinNancy Gauvin
Associate Director of
CI & Employment


CSCL Leadership - Michelle GowerMichelle Gower
Associate Director of
Staff Supported Homes


CSCL Leadership - Shelby HagelShelby Hagel
Associate Director of
Outreach Services


CSCL Leadership - Mary-Lee TondreauMary-Lee Tondreau
Associate Director of
Homeshare Services


Our Staff

What are we known for?

CSCL has pioneered the development of an array of self help and vocational options for those individuals who did not experience institutionalization and have lived in the community all of their lives. It is these experiences and the knowledge gained, combined with significant social policy supporting the integration of children and adults, that we are able to be innovative in meeting individual’s needs, even within existing group structures.

CSCL employees…

  • Have the ability to meet individualized physical, health, behavioural and employment support needs.
  • Have a commitment to professional development.
  • Participate provincially in partnering with provincial and community living organizations.
  • Have participated in pilot sites/pilot projects to develop support methods and curriculum.
  • Are creative and innovative in service development.
  • Are responsive.
  • Are committed to individuals and families.
  • Are committed to quality, individualized services.
  • Are dedicated.
  • Focus on individual rights and relationships.

Our Membership

CSCL has approximately 100 members (this may vary slightly from one year to the next) and holds its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) in June. There is no annual membership fee, but each potential member must complete an application and sign a ‘Membership Declaration’; this must be completed by the applicant and approved by the Board at least 30 days in advance of the AGM in order to be eligible to vote at the AGM. The Board of Directors is elected by the general membership at the AGM and Executive Officers are elected by the Board of Directors at its first regular meeting following the AGM.

Quality services should reflect the opinions and views of the membership. As a result, the Society relies heavily on its membership for input and direction. It is important for all individuals receiving support and their families to have a voice in the organization. While the Society circulates surveys and questionnaires and holds forums to assist with specific issues, it is still critical that it have a strong and diverse membership in order to ensure all perspectives are heard and considered.

Members are encouraged to communicate with the Society regarding services whenever they feel the need to.

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Interested in Becoming a Member?

To become a member of CSCL, please contact our Home Office at 604-792-7726.

Organizational Chart

CSCL - OrgChart August 2022