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CSCL’s Adult Services provides a wide variety of services to adults with developmental disabilities and adults eligible for Community Living BC services. To access any of these services, you will need to request a referral from a Facilitator from Community Living BC.

Adult Services range from hourly supports to full-time 24/7 supports. Every effort is made to match a service or support that promotes each individual’s unique ability. Please select a service below to learn more.

CSCL offers a variety of staff supported homes.  Each individual living in these homes is supported to plan and live their own lives with encouragement from family, friends and their support team.   The homes provide a 24/7 model of support and reflect the wishes, dreams and needs of the people who live in them.

The goal of staff supported homes is to provide the highest quality of life in a safe and secure environment in a community based residential setting.  Individuals are encouraged to experience life as fully as possible and to participate within their home and community.

The CSCL is committed to providing the means for making a genuine “home” to those who receive residential services.

To determine eligibility for our services, please contact Community Living BC.

CSCL offers small group and individualized activities in the areas of life skills enhancement, social capital development, employment, volunteering, recreation and leisure for adults of all ages. Supports may be provided out of the person’s own home, in the community or in one of CSCL’s multiple locations throughout the Chilliwack and surrounding area.

To determine eligibility for our services, please contact Community Living BC.

CSCL contracts with paid Community Caregivers to share their home and life with an individual who has a developmental disability. Our HomeShare Placements are based on the needs and desires of the individuals, as we believe that people are happiest when they feel they are a valued and an integral member of a family. This is the cornerstone of the HomeShare service.

Caregivers provide individualized supports to people in a variety of settings. Caregiver skills and interests are used to make matches and create successful placements. Our caregivers provide opportunities for individuals to make friends, develop meaningful relationships and participate in the community all while maintaining strong connections with their families. All contracted caregivers must pass a thorough screening process.

If you are interested in learning more about HomeShare living or becoming a caregiver, we would love to hear from you.

We welcome applications from potential caregivers living in Chilliwack and the surrounding area.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Care Provider, please contact CSCL’s Recruitment Manager at 604-792-7726 or email caregiver.recruitment@cscl.org

CSCL serves as a Host Agency for individuals who receive direct funding from CLBC.

A Host Agency manages the Direct Funding you receive from CLBC and helps you set up and manage supports that will assist you in meeting your goals.

With a Host Agency Agreement you have a say in who works with you and what supports you receive.

CSCL takes on the responsibility of record keeping, and will help choose and hire people to support you.

For more information on Direct Funding and Host Agency Agreements, contact Mary-Lee Tondreau at 604-393-3212, or speak to your CLBC Facilitator.

CSCL’s Independent Living service provides part time support to people who are living in their own homes in the community.

Support Workers visit people regularly to teach and assist with a variety of domestic life skills such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, money management, organization, safety, etc. Once a week the service hosts a small group at our Community Kitchen to prepare healthy recipes and enjoy the meal together.

Support Workers also assist people in accessing services, resources and activities in the community. Many of the people in this service are also involved with the Chilliwack People First group which meets monthly to address self advocacy issues, community involvement and to socialize.

The service began in 1988 and has supported hundreds of people in the community since then.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Shelby Hagel at shelby.hagel@cscl.org

CSCL’s Outreach Services, called Explore, provides support to people living with family members as well as individuals who live independently in the community.

Individuals are supported to develop life skills such as cooking, cleaning, processing laundry, managing money, organizing, addressing health and safety issues, accessing community, setting boundaries, managing stress, parenting, relationship building and communication.

Explore also assists people in accessing generic community services, networking with community resources and establishing healthy social connections.

The majority of all supports should always keep in mind the 3 pillars of the service: One-to-One Personalized Experience, Goal-Focused and Community Minded.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Shelby Hagel at shelby.hagel@cscl.org

Supported Employment provides opportunities for individuals to obtain real work for real pay. Services include job development, job-site training and job supports.

CSCL’s Employment Services uses a discovery process to identify job seekers’ skills, preferences and abilities, then partner with local businesses to determine how to best meet their staffing and business needs.

More information about CSCL’s Employment Services can be found at csclworks.org, by phone 604-392-7377 or email ses@cscl.org

CSCL’s Supported Living Services provides assistance to people who require regular access to support services in order to live independently in their own apartment.

Individuals rent their own apartments within one larger, publicly-available, apartment complex that also provides a common use area for group life-skill building and social activities.

Support workers are based within the same complex and provide daily assistance for people to live on their own successfully.

For more information about CSCL’s Supported Living Services please contact Shelby Hagel at shelby.hagel@cscl.org.

Our Respite Services are based on the needs and desires of families. Families are able to choose a Caregiver that has already been approved through our screening process, or they can refer their own Caregiver (who must also complete the necessary requirements through our screening process). Parents guide and monitor the Caregiver relationship, and are responsible for necessary training of the Caregiver with assistance from our Respite Managers. Families also choose the respite model, by scheduling respite hourly, overnight, in their home or the Caregiver’s home and in community.

Adults, children and youth with developmental disabilities have a right to live full lives in our community. Our respite service provides opportunities for individuals to grow, make friends, participate in community, learn, have fun and make choices for themselves.

We believe this helps create a more welcoming and inclusive community that can see beyond disability to ability…and that benefits us all.

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver, please contact CSCL’s Recruitment Manager by emailing caregiver.recruitment@cscl.org

CSCL’s Crisis Response Service provides quality individualized supports to individuals in crisis using contracted caregivers.

This service get supports in place as quickly and efficiently as possible while also providing the highest quality of life in a safe and secure environment.

CSCL has a strong history of responding and supporting individuals during times of crisis.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this team of staff and caregivers, please contact Brenda Alexander for more information.  brenda.alexander@cscl.org


CSCL Adult Services Handbook

For more detailed information about CSCL Adult Services, please see the CSCL Adult Services Handbook, or feel free to contact us.

CSCL Adult Services Handbook

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