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Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter (CTM) plays an important role at CSCL.

CSCL Employees and Caregivers now have the opportunity to take a look into a world of disability rights, diversity of thoughts and dissimilar opinions. Equality, Equity and Inclusion are showcased and valued.

CTM keeps it real and offers us candid conversations about important topics.

The presentation style is different yet insightful. Employees and Caregivers benefit from the videos that assist with values training, teach terminology, Social Capital, Positive Behaviour Supports, Community Living Philosophy, and help align employees with CSCL’s Mission, Vision and Values.

CSCL uses the videos at our training sessions.

About Norm and Emma:

Although Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift are internationally recognized as dynamic speakers, trainers, authors, and disability rights advocates, they are perhaps best known for having written and produced the video, A Credo for Support.

Norman and Emma developed Conversations That Matter because they recognized that enduring attitudinal change best occurs when people are engaged in ongoing dialogues about provocative and challenging issues.

As a result, the goal of the Conversations That Matter site is not to inspire people, but to provoke self-reflection, deep-thinking and meaningful change.


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