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CSCL’s ShareVision – CARF Commendation

CSCL received a “CARF Commendation” by demonstrating exemplary conformance to CARF standards during one of its’ CARF Surveys.

This commendation was received as a result of how CSCL uses its’ database system, ShareVision, as an online hub for the organization’s communication, reporting and documentation.

Comments from the official CARF Report to CSCL:

“The Chilliwack Society for Community Living has created and developed its information management system using a software application called Share Vision. This system has provided real-time responses to everything from health and safety issues to consumer files. It has also been developed as an internal communication system that allows immediate access to everything from committee reports to consumer files. This facilitation of immediate access to medical information is invaluable as a health and safety precaution. As an organization with multiple sites, this system has allowed a large organization to effectively achieve its goal of becoming paperless and to create a single community of staff and consumers. There is clear evidence that this information management system is unanimously seen by all staff members in the organization as the single most effective information tool that they utilize in their daily work. The system has created a highly functional and accessible database that allows the organization to gather and complete analysis of all aspects of service delivery. More importantly, it can provide immediate snapshots of organizational functioning, which, from a quality improvement lens, guarantees the ability to deal with and resolve issues as they are happening using current data and knowledge. It is an extremely efficient and comprehensive system that provides an invaluable source of operational information. The organization is commended for taking a standard information management system and developing it into this innovative and pioneering model that not only supports information management, but also significantly enhances performance improvement activities”

Pictured above is CSCL’s ShareVision Working Group

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