Duke of Edinburgh Award

CSCL was recently featured in an article by the BC division of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Titled “Supporting Diversabilties” it featured CSCL’s Bridge program and Bridge Vocational Counsellor, Kelli Paddon. Kelly is a past alumni with The Award program and wanted to offer it to Bridge participants to get them excited and committed to community. “The program is a fantastic way to show youth how powerful their actions can be when they get involved.” Kelli said, “It is also attainable for anyone willing to put in the work, being a non-academic and non-competitive program; so participants could work towards their goal at their own pace.” Bridge participants, Jack, Scott and Stuart all joined up and have experienced some very cool events and activities. “It’s exciting. I feel happy, proud, and special. Yeah, it’s fun to do,” Scott reminisced, “Favourite thing was the map and compass thing. And having food outside with friends. Oh yeah, and working with kids at summer camp, those were fun.” CSCL would like to present The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to other youth in their community. Although they specialize in providing supports and services to individuals with disabilities, their hope is to offer The Award any youth interested in participating. Ultimately, opening up support to all youth will broaden the relationships, in the community, for the Individuals that they support on a daily basis. “CSCL’s focus is on connecting individuals to their community,” Kelli says, “- and thankfully The Award does just that. Supporting Youth to reach their goal of completing The Award is a great achievement that CSCL is proud of.”

For more information visit the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award website at: http://dukeofed.org/bc

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