CSCL is excited to announce that the Mathieson Centre (CSCL’s Child & Youth Services Building) will be the location for the Wind & Tide Preschool for the 2017/2018 school year. Wind & Tide believes that every child deserves rich, life-enhancing knowledge. They want to inspire each child to make a difference in their world and they feel that this is best accomplished when each child’s unique gifts and talents are recognized and appreciated in an authentic and caring manner. The Wind & Tide Preschool is an Inclusive program that welcomes any child and is in alignment with CSCL’s vision of a “community that welcomes and includes everyone”. This partnership will help to shine a light of acceptance on the diverse-abilities of each and every child. The Wind & Tide Preschool’s philosophy and vision are aligned with CSCL so the partnership was an easy decision to make!

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