Hockey season is in full swing, and while nobody can predict whether or not the Chilliwack Chiefs will repeat as National Champions this year, there is one thing they can count on: a group of committed and dedicated fans cheering them on!
One of those fans is Amanda MacDonald, who has been attending every home game for years.
When asked what she loves about hockey, Amanda says it’s all about friends and enjoyment. She goes on to explain, “I see people I know like the person who works at the Canteen. I feel happy. I feel included and part of my community.”
Amanda is not alone – being a sports fan is a way to experience belonging that is accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of ability.
A growing body of research is showing that being a sports fan is not only fun – it is good for you.
People who identify with a sports team experience less isolation and loneliness, and greater levels of self-esteem and positive emotion.
Those beneficial takeaways aren’t impacted by whether the team wins or loses either; they are the result of experiencing community membership.
Truly, being a sports fan is one of the easiest ways to build social capital, so get out there and support your team!
“Go Chiefs Go!” says Amanda, “And I will be cheering for the CSCL Chilly Wackers too when they play the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni in February. Great jerseys BUT unlike the Chiefs they will probably lose!”

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