Not many people can claim to be an expert in fun, but Thaddeus Trill arguably holds that title since winning Employee of the Year Award from the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center, where he works as a “Fun Leader”.

Thaddeus has worked at the Leisure Center for about a year and says he loves his job. As a Fun Leader, Thaddeus is responsible for making sure kids use “slide safety” when groups of children (school or parties) use the water slide. Eventually, he hopes to be one of the birthday party staff who lead the children in games in the pool.

When asked what he likes about his job, Thaddeus says it is relatively stress free, he likes that he works in the mornings, and he especially likes the variety in his days. He goes on to say he enjoys working because it gives him a task to do and makes him feel he is doing his part in the community.
When asked why he thinks he received the award, Thaddeus, took a typical humble approach in his response. He said he might have gotten the award because he does a “pretty okay job” and tries his hardest.

He wonders if he got the award because of his disability, but acknowledged it’s possible he’s underestimated how much he does in his job and there is a possibility he does enough to deserve the award.

He went on to explain “when you compare the average person who just shows up (or maybe doesn’t even show up) to someone like him, who always shows up and does his best, that’s the kind of thing that deserves an award. Sometimes just doing your best is the above and beyond.”

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