On March 19, 2020, Matt Mackay celebrated his 10 year anniversary working for the Chilliwack RCMP.

To show their appreciation for his hard work and dedication, RCMP members, friends, family, and support staff held a drive-by parade past his house. The celebration attracted a lot of attention with sirens, honking, and cheering, as neighbours and loved ones attended all along his normally quiet street in Yarrow. His coworkers at the RCMP describe Matt as a valued employee, who is known and well-liked by all. One of Matt’s main tasks there is to collect and shred sensitive documents, which he is able to do thanks to his enhanced security status. Asked how he felt as the parade went by, Matt said “I feel so proud!”

Matt’s mom Linda, says she couldn’t be prouder as well. She noted that Matt’s work and recognition has touched lives across the country. Her daughter, who lives in Toronto, showed the video of the parade to a neighbour who has a 13 year old daughter with Down Syndrome. “The woman was so excited she was in tears. She never dreamed anything like that would be possible for her daughter.”
For Linda, one of the things she’s most proud of for Matt is that he has created positive change.
Matt says he misses his “dream job” and can’t wait to go back once the pandemic restrictions allow it.

To see the awesome video of Matt’s celebration, check out Chilliwack Society for Community Living’s Facebook and YouTube pages, click HERE or the image below.

Congratulations Matt!