Q: How long have you been with CSCL and what do you do?

I’ve worked with CSCL since early 2017, starting as a casual while working full-time at a different agency.    When a full-time position came up as a Senior Support Worker, I took the opportunity to apply.  Happily, I was the successful applicant, which enabled me to transition fully to CSCL. 

Q: What is your favourite thing about working at CSCL?

There is no one favourite thing about CSCL that I like; It is a combination of many things – the people I work with, the variation in my day-to-day responsibilities, the opportunity to gain new experiences – these are all great aspects of CSCL that I appreciate.   

Q: Describe CSCL in one word:


Q: What does a “fun” day at CSCL look like?

Every day there is a laugh, a memory or a joke to be shared.