CSCL has been awarded the 2023 nonprofit employer of choice award (for the 7th year in a row).  This is all thanks to CSCL employees.  In November, CSCL employees completed a confidential survey with the NEOC. The results of the survey determine our success as an employer of choice. Once the full report is received by CSCL, our HR and Leadership teams review the feedback and develop goals for improvement. From CSCL employees participation in previous years’ surveys and reports, we’ve been able to implement the following initiatives at CSCL:

Funds allocated to all CSCL teams to focus on team building ($50/employee).

Implemented the Wellness Bank that is available for all employees to apply for ($50/employee) – started in 2022

Making the Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) available to every employee and not just those who were eligible for benefits.
– started in 2022

Developed a Diversity & Inclusion Committee (as per recommendations from the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report completed) – started in 2021

Offering educational opportunities to employees to obtain credentials as a Direct Support Professional (DSP-1, DSP-2 or DSP-3) through the NADSP E-Badge Academy – started in 2021