It is the season for giving, and not just of gifts, but also in giving back to the community.  CSCL supports and encourages volunteering within the community, and many of the people we serve are active volunteers in various organizations.  One such organization is Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society, who provide hot lunches to 21 schools within the  Chilliwack School District.

According to their website, over 850 children in need receive over 17,000 bowls of soup each month.  Bowls of Hope has been serving Chilliwack since 2005.

Recently, CSCL’s Leadership team volunteered their time with Bowls of Hope as a team building activity. Together, the Leadership team spent an evening processing 494 pounds of celery.  This celery eventually made its way into soup, which was served to children in schools by volunteers like Megan Roger (pictured) who volunteers for the program at GW Graham School.

Megan, who also receives supports from CSCL,  says she likes volunteering because it helps kids have lunch.  Megan’s pride in her volunteering is evident.  She enjoys giving to the community and especially her independence in doing so.  Megan has developed many relationships at the school and is always eager to tell people in her support network who she saw and talked to while volunteering.  Megan’s volunteer job with Bowls of Hope is her favourite part of the week.  When asked how it feels to volunteer, Megan says simply, “I love it!”