Paul’s World Cafe

CSCL Out & About - Spring 2023

Paul Kerr, together with his support staff, family and friends gathered to complete his My Plan and this time decided to do it a little differently. Wanda Dartnell, the manager of Paul’s home, explained. “We had done all the other types of planning in the past.” This

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Anna-Maria’s Gift

CSCL Out & About - Fall 2022

Anna-Maria is in her seventies and has lived through the community living family movement. Anna-Maria learned needlework at a young age while attending Sunshine Drive school, and has always enjoyed arts and crafts. Anna-Maria is very creative and excels at fine detail work such as embroidery and

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Remembering Keegan

February 21st would have been Keegan Combe’s birthday. He passed away in September 2015, after an accidental poisoning and a delayed response from the health care system treating him. Keegan, from Skwah First Nation, was an accomplished pianist and chess player. He was registered in trades school

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CSCL Video Tour

CSCL is thrilled to add 3 new videos to our Video Catalogue: Check them out by clicking the links below: Video 1: Individual Rights – Video 2: Kiara & PWS – Video 3: CSCL Connections –

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Our Pandemic Story

Our Pandemic Story – Stories from around CSCL: the pandemic has affected us all in different ways – big and small. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware

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Bowls of Hope

It is the season for giving, and not just of gifts, but also in giving back to the community.  CSCL supports and encourages volunteering within the community, and many of the people we serve are active volunteers in various organizations.  One such organization is Chilliwack Bowls of

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Canadian Non Profit Employer of Choice

CSCL has been recognized as a Canadian Non Profit Employer of Choice 7 years in a row from 2017 to 2023! The NEOC award recognizes nonprofits whose exemplary talent management practices support successful mission delivery in the communities they serve. This is exciting news, and we are

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Living with Labels and Lies

One woman’s story of “exceeding expectations” after a childhood of abuse, isolation and institutionalization. Carol Dauphinais is a hero to many and has been a tirless advocate for children and marginalised people. Carol lives in Chilliwack and has graciously presented numerous times at CSCL’s staff training days.

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Designs by Kara-Lyn


Kara-Lyn has loved drawing since she was a small child. For years she drew pictures for the other adults in her program to colour. Many friends have her designs on their fridge at home. She is pleased to finally publish her first colouring book so that more

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